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Syracuse Defeats West Virginia: The Photology

The Syracuse Orange defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 63-61 on Saturday. Here are the photos to prove it.

I think it goes without saying that this is the best photo of Jim Boeheim this season. And that's saying something. It's also the best photo of the guy behind him this season.

You thought Pittsnogle could never be topped and then you met Deniz Kilicli:


Not only does he have the look but he also gives great, wacky photo. I feel like he'd make a great WWE mid-card heel.

If Mike Hopkins could jump with you, Keita, he would.

This week's Brandon Triche Funny Face is brought to you by Brandon Triche's funny face:


Kazy Eyz Keita continues to bring the crazy eyes. He also brings the nasty dunks (look for the guy in the crowd who's really impressed). Alternate angle.

Sometimes, all West Virginia could do was just try to get out of the way and admire the action (Kevin Colton/


Dion smiling and the opponent on the ground...seems right. Honestly, I feel like this is how Dion's life is all the time in his mind.

Brandon Triche is...The Stealerist.

When Otto and his swoosh coming your way, you better say hi.

This is pretty much West Virginia's reaction to this entire game.