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T.W.I.T.S. This Week In Twitter: Syracuse

Well my head's finally stopped spinning after Dion's re-tweet binge last night. But before that let's get to the academically challenged man on everyone's mind.

The Fab Melo Corner:

Sean posted this last week but It's worth another look.

Nice to see that Fab's still tweeting (@NunesMagician nonetheless) rather than hitting the books. At least his retweet game has gone down ... however that's probably because he's busy with Alpha Phi's:

"Tutoring" riiighhttt ... that's what they're calling it now a days. At least thing may be looking up for St. Johns based on this tweet:

Dion Waiters Retweet of the Week:

Dion's timeline is chalk full of retweets, most of them girls looking for dates (hint if you want a retweet its pretty easy ... just be a good looking girl). I thought this one was pretty funny tho. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with a little Dion Waiters man love. Dion's tweeting is reaching epic levels.

During his tweet binge last night he managed to tweet 59 times in an hour (that's almost once per minute for those SUNY kids slow at math). If Dion spends this much time tweeting instead of studying he may be joining Fab in street clothes sooner rather than later.

Why has he been taping up his wrist and thumb you ask @craigshinnick1 ... well it's probably due to excessive tweeting.

Walk On Tweet of the Week:

Syracuse's Club Trillion front-runner Griffin Hoffman has actually got a pretty amusing twitter for anyone looking for a follow. Looks like academia isn't necessarily this years team's strong suit.

More Dion:

On an ending note, looks like Dion is that guy tweeting on his cellphone in the middle of movies.

Didn't he see the video of the talking phone at the beginning telling you to turn him off?