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AP Voter Ron Morris: So What's His Deal?

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Update: Morris will be on ESPN CNY this afternoon to discuss why he's ranking SU No. 4 every week.

Like all poll-related posts, this should be prefaced with the addendum that all in-season polls are meaningless and of no value to the endgame. know...

Sixty of the sixty-five voters in the AP Poll saw it fit to give their first-place vote to the Syracuse Orange this week. Five others gave their first-place vote to Kentucky.

Of those five, four of them said Syracuse was the No. 2 team in the nation. While I don't agree, I can see a rational argument being made for Kentucky that someone can in fact stand behind and I accept that there are those out there who won't be sold on the Orange until they finish the season undefeated...and even then...

And then there's The State's (SC) Ron Morris. Morris doesn't just think the Orange are No. 3 in the nation...he has them all the way down at No. 4. Behind two-loss North Carolina and behind two-loss Ohio State, who it should be noted lost this past week.

Morris had Syracuse No. 4 last week and has had them at No. 4 for the past five weeks. Incidentally, he had Syracuse at No. 3 way back in the beginning of December, so somehow what he's seen since then has made SU less impressive to him.

Looking back at all his polls from this season, Morris seems to have some North Carolina homerism and unabashed love for Ohio State clouding his judgement. Those two teams have remained in his top four the entire season. He's routinely voted one of the worst votes in the poll.

So there you go. One thing to also keep in mind that Syracuse fans now have something in common with Morris. We both dislike his decision-making ability.

South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier had an unprecedented weekly news conference Tuesday, as he called out Ron Morris, a columnist with The State, that he said has reported something that isn't true, and refused to hold the news conference with Morris in the room.

The Ol' Ball Coach don't lie.