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Fab Melo Update: 'Hopeful This Week We Find Out'

Despite the fact that they're 2-1 and have figured out how to win without him (barely), the Syracuse Orange need Fab Melo back ASAP.

Melo spent the game back on the bench, dressed in his finest. However, we'd all trade that cream-colored sweater, white shirt, red tie and black pants for an orange, or even a platinum, jersey any day.

So what's the deal, Jim Boeheim? Is Melo coming back soon or what?

"He's working through his issue, we're hopeful this week we find out," said Boeheim about Melo near the tail end of his post-game press conference. "We will see. We will see what happens."

"We had just enough on offense to make up for the fact that they'd miss and get it back, miss and get it back and finally score," said Boeheim who was adamant that Melo's absence had little to do with SU's rebounding issues. "It's really about our guards and forwards doing a better job of rebounding the ball."

The Orange got killed in the paint against West Virginia and it's clear we can't count on Rakeem Christmas and Baye Moussa Keita on a consistent basis. Fab is the closest thing we have to dependability in the paint.

In the meantime, he's doing everything he can to support the team:

"We want him out there, but him being the type of guy he is, he’s very energized," Triche said. "He’s helping Baye out as much as possible. He’s cheering us on. That’s the type of thing you want from a teammate."

He's the cream of the crop, that one.