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Syracuse Recruit Tashon Whitehurst Picking A Hat On Wednesday

Gainesville High linebacker Tashon Whitehurst verbally-committed to play for the Syracuse Orange back in July. However, he re-opened his recruitment and is now deciding between SU, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and South Florida Bulls.

Though, it might now be down to SU and USF after Greg Schiano left Rutgers. Shame Greg didn't bringing it up during Tashon's recent visit.

"I was at (Schiano's) house," Whitehurst said Friday. "We watched the NFL game, Patriots and Ravens."

According to the Tampa Bay Times Greg Auman, two Rutgers assistants were at Whitehurst's high school when the news broke about Schiano and neither knew it was coming.

The article also mentions that two USF assistants visited him this week, no word on whether or not Cuse sent Shafer down there but I'm assuming they're in touch.

Tashon will announce a final decision Wednesday on national signing day and it sounds like he's going with the tried and true method of laying out a hat for each school and picking one.

"I have all three hats ready," he said.