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Tell Jim Boeheim The New Syracuse Uniform Is Gray At Your Own Peril

I think we've officially covered most of the bases for the new Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniform. We hate it! We love it! We're only wearing it once! I can't believe we're even wearing it once! Hey look, all fixed!

But what do the players think? As expected, they love the crap out of them.

"They’re hot. I like ‘em. It’s different. I like the "Cuse" and I like the big "S" in the back. It’s just kind of hot, the orange and the gray." - Dion Waiters

"It’s a nice uniform. Something I can put in my collection when I leave here. I’m a senior, so everything I’ve ever worn at Syracuse, I keep." - Scoop

"I like the whole idea of the gray uniforms. I always wanted to wear an alternate jersey. I always wanted to wear the blue jerseys, but I heard Coach doesn’t want to wear ‘em." - C.J. Fair

"It’s nice to play in gray and all. It looks nice. It’s different. But we’ll see." - James Southerland

But what does Jim Boeheim, High Overlord of the Orange Nation, think? As you also expected, he can't run away from them fast enough.

"This is going to be a one-game thing," Jim Boeheim vowed. "That’s all. A one-game thing. We’re going to wear them once, and that’s it. And they’re platinum. They’re not gray. They’re platinum. This isn’t Georgetown."

"It’s not a Georgetown uniform," Boeheim insisted again. "When you look at it, even though there’s a lot of gray, the orange -- our school color -- stands out. Nike asked if we’d wear the uniforms for one game. So I looked at them . . . and I thought they were sharp.

"We’ve got enough problems, don’t we?" Boeheim asked. "People worrying about this would be like Congress worrying about a million-dollar tax cut when we owe $15-trillion. We’re not changing the uniforms. It’s a one-game thing. That’s all it is. All right?"

Jim Boeheim is a bit like Grandpa Simpson. He's the kind of grumpy old man who wants a basketball uniform he can set his watch to. None of this Joe Namath crap.

Doc Gross said previously that it was Boeheim's call if and when SU wore the uniform and the fact that we're wearing them during our only remaining game that isn't nationally-televised tells you everything you need to know.