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Defamation Suit Plaintiffs Want Jim Boeheim In True Road Court

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Lawyers for Syracuse University and basketball coach Jim Boeheim want the defamation suit brought against them by Bobby Davis and Mike Lang moved from New York City to Onondaga County. Since the alleged incidents all took place in Syracuse, they would like the pre-trial and possible trial to be there as well.

I don't see why it makes any difference, it would still count as a home court for Boeheim in New York City (/rimshot).

...Mariann Meier Wang, a lawyer for Davis and Lang, countered that an impartial trial would be impossible in Syracuse. She cited "a huge and avid fan following" that routinely fills the Carrier Dome, SU’s 5,900 jobs and 20,000 students and the university’s "incredibly important presence" in Syracuse. It would be difficult to select an unbiased jury from that population, she wrote.

"In short, the power and influence of Boeheim and Syracuse University in the local community is profound," Wang wrote.

I can see the logic for both sides, really. That said, I once again have to bring up the fact that Bobby Davis is on record as having said he has received nothing but support from those in the Syracuse community since coming forward, regardless of what his lawsuit says.

This is all before we even get to the fact that Davis and Lang will have to prove that Boeheim knew about the allegations when he called them liars. The request to move the case is scheduled to be heard Feb. 21.

Meanwhile I just wanted to mention that unless it's news that comes from a legal or police source, I'm done writing about Zach Tomaselli. He's a clown just looking for attention. Let's not give him anymore.

H/T: theNYsportsguy