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Navy To Join Big East. Whatevs.

Despite the fact that the Syracuse Orange are still locked in to the Big East for another two football seasons, the news that the Navy Midshipmen are joining the conference doesn't really affect us. We'll be long gone by then.

The Big East will host a teleconference today at 3:00 p.m. to announce the future addition of Navy as a football playing member in 2015. The official release states the call will address conference membership, but reports began to trickle out last night that Navy will join the conference and announce that decision today. Big East commissioner John Marinatto, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk, Vice Admiral Michael Miller, and football coach Ken Niumatalolo will all be on the call to field questions from the media.

You know how I feel about it. A long time ago I said that adding Navy (and Army) was the Staples Easy Button solution for the Big East. It's exactly the kind of decision that we've come to expect from Big East brass and the exactly the kind of reason we needed to leave. You'll hear the word "tradition" a lot in Navy's introduction but the word you won't hear very often is "relevant."

Once West Virginia, Pitt and Syracuse leave and Boise St., San Diego State, Houston, SMU and UCF arrive, this will give the conference eleven football teams. If it wants an even divisional line-up and a conference championship game, they'll need to add one more school. Maybe it'll be Army. Maybe East Carolina. Maybe a western school. Does it really matter at this point?