Fab Melo's "Academic Issue" Rumor Mill

The fact that they didn't come right out and say he was ineligible says a lot. If he had failed a class or failed to meet a requirement, it would sadly be a done deal at that time, but with them seemingly optimistic about getting back to play, I was trying to find out what else could account for it.

The rumor I keep hearing is that everyone in the whole class had it invalidated due to a "clerical error" where an answer key was mistakenly attached to a exam or final? REDACTED I was very curious to hear what other people know or have heard, so I wanted to set up a post so we could discuss amongst ourselves? Here is to hoping he is able to come back and perform for us shortly, as we are in serious need of him inside to keep this run alive, despite the awesome play of Rak in the last game.

We miss you Fab!