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Orange Screen Challenge: Distraction Edition

I figured there were two tactics I could try with the OSC this week. I could just ignore the unfortunate events of the weekend, or I could include pictures of Notre Dame players looking goofy. Option two just seemed way too easy. So let's just use this time together to distract each other from the Syracuse Orange's first loss since March of 2011

The OSC is going with an all coach edition this week. The only amusing pictures of players I could find all appeared to be of Scoop Jardine crying or in great intestinal pain or both. There is the great reaction shot of Baye Moussa Keita, but I fear curating all the pictures of his hands being removed or replaced with cinder blocks.

I... may be having a tough time forgetting the events of the weekend. Pictures for the editing follow after the jump.

First, the opposition coaches. I'm not sure what Jamie Dixon was attempting to communicate here, but it's certainly worthy of a decent photoshop.



Here, Mike Brey sees that people are hitting Jack Cooley's elbows with their faces and wonders where the whistles are (I'm not bitter).



And then there is the photo at the top. Our beloved Jim Boeheim. Did Kris Joseph just attempt an ill conceived dribble drive? Did a James Southerland three-pointer find the back of the rim? Did Fab Melo miss an exam? Who can say, really?


And, for greater ease, just the head:


Heck, I've even set up a meme for your convenience:


As always, all of the pictures used in this column are fair game. Source pictures and cleaned up pictures with no backgrounds can be found at the OSC Photobucket (Week 2). Send your files or links to and I'll post them on Friday.