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Help The Boeheims Beat John Calipari I have your attention now, Syracuse Orange fan?

Well here, let me blow your mind some more. Juli Boeheim has a favor she wants to ask you...

I'm asking for a small favor....Infiniti is hosting a fun competition among college coaches!! It is voter driven with the winner getting $100,000 toward their charity of choice! Jim has chosen our foundation - The Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation to be recipient if he should win! We are in the East Region with UK's John Calipari in the lead. Jim/SU is in second place....totally unacceptable!! Each region's winner will advance to the Final Four!! A winner will be chosen from there based on votes.

Let's show our support for our community and the Syracuse University Orange by voting for this!! You can vote once a day. It is really easy and free!! How great would a W be for our community!

Simply go to and click on the Men's Basketball link. Within that link are tabs. This is currently listed under the fourth tab (Ed. Note - it's here). Or, you can go to and scroll down to the Infiniti link. will have it posted sometime today, as well. There you will also find some additional information regarding the foundation! We have been fortunate enough to grant over $500,000 to worthy causes in CNY, thanks to your support!

Thanks in advance for your participation! Please pass this on to others and together let's watch the votes for Jim and our incredible community skyrocket!!!!

GO CUSE!!!!!


And just in case this wasn't pressing enough, Bob Huggins is gaining on the Boeheims. BOB HUGGINS. This will not stand.

Go vote now. And then spread the word. And then vote again tomorrow.