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Syracuse vs. Notre Dame: Quotent Quotables

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Some choice quotes from the Syracuse Orange's loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday.

Notre Dame's Jack Cooley, before the game.

"Where’s the big guy?"

Jim Boeheim, on the affect Fab Melo's absence had on the game.

"I don't know how he affected the game because he wasn't here...We had all week to prepare for Melo (not playing). We didn't know for sure (he would not play), but we were prepared for it."

Scoop Jardine on Fab Melo:

"Fab is the key to our defense. He's an anchor. It wasn't that, though. Our offense wasn't going today. Fab only averaged six points for us. That's not too much points."

Kris Joseph, on the team's rebounding woes.

"It’s been a problem all year – rebounding. We’re just going to have to do a better job of locking on that."

Brandon Triche on watching the Irish fans storm the court.

"It’s my first time in something like that. I just walked to the side. Security was pretty good on it. It was definitely not a good thing. I’ve never been on any side of it and just to be on the losing side of it sucks."