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Notre Dame Defeats Syracuse: The Photology

Notre Dame dethroned Syracuse from it's No. 1 perch on Saturday and here are the photos to prove it.

First, some condolences. This photo here was taken moments before Mike Brey consumed Nick Resavy. He will be missed.

"So, uh, who wants to play well tonight? Anyone? Rak? You want to take this one?" "Nah, bro, I'm good."

We should have known we were in trouble when, during warm-ups, Brandon Triche forgot how to walk. Those troubles continued during the game as well.

There were a lot of complaints about the referees during the game. Perhaps they just couldn't see what was happening. Jim Boeheim is here to help.

When you're No. 1, haven't lost all season and are in the midst of a 20-game winning streak, you can bet your sweet ass there are going to be a whole lot of "everyone on the bench looks sullen and despondent and minutes away from seppuku" photos. Like these:


Chin up, Brandon.


Uh, Gerry, game's over here buddy.


Alright, Triche is straight-up trolling us in that photo.

See, this is the problem. When you've got three guys guarding one, at least two people are open for three-pointers (that they will invariable make even if they are blindfolded).


Regardless of his play, C.J. Fair is always good for one goofy look per game.

It was a stinky night all around, and not just when Dion Waiters was letting one rip on the sideline.

And this was the best move someone from Syracuse made on the court all night.