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The D-League Giveth, The D-League Taketh Away

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It seems as though anytime we have news from the NBDL, it's always bittersweet. Every time something good happens for one former Syracuse player, something bad happens to different.

A few weeks ago, while Paul Harris was tearing it up with the Maine Red Claws, Eric Devendorf was sent on his way by the Idaho Stampede.

Today, we find out that Eric Devendorf is the one receiving good news, but unfortunately that means the scales of fate have tipped on Paul Harris.

Devo is back with the Stampede! Just like that! Devendorf benefits from some space opening up on the roster due to cuts. Devo was averaging 10.3 PPG and shoot 40% from three in the eleven games he played for Idaho before being waived at the start of the year.

I guess the move has been in the works for a while now since Devo was making public appearances with the team earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, last we heard, everything was finally clicking into place for Paul Harris. He was just barely missing triple-doubles for the Red Claws and confirming his place on their roster.

On Tuesday, the Red Claws waived Harris due to injury. It was actually the second time they had waived him this month after he re-aggravated an ankle injury.

The good news is that Harris can re-join the team once the injury is healed, assuming there is space for him. I would imagine they would want him back, he was averaging 15 PPG, good for 2nd on the team.

Morris Almond, the NBA Development League’s leading scorer in 2009-10, replaced Harris in the lineup.

Meanwhile, Terrence Roberts is currently in the same boat, on the L.A. D-Fenders' inactive roster due to injury.

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