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Orange Screen Challenge: The Dion Waiters Show

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And just like that, our first Orange Screen Challenge has come to an end. And much like this season, Dion Waiters appears to have most succinctly captured our imaginations. Is it because of his electrifying style of play? Is it because of the goofy limp-walk he executed on his way to chest bump Scoop? Or is it because even photo editors desire sweet, sweet retweets?

Check out the original photos and the "rules" such as they are here. Submissions come in after the jump.

First up, the center field wall at Wrigley keeps Dion humble as he gets a face full of ivy as he attempts to break out in to a second sport. (via Sadlerhall)


And here the Roadrunner keeps Dion hungry by evading capture yet again.

But Dion's life is not all running face first in to things. In Sadlerhall's second submission, Dion pays back Jack in kind for every fire hydrant he ever met.


As with the Syracuse Orange, Dion can't do it alone. I present to you Brandon Triche, trying out to be the new Boy Wonder.


Brandon was clearly not up on 60's sitcom special effects technology.

And, finally, imagine a world where Fab Melo returns to visit his family in sunny Florida, only to find the Necronomicon opened and... well...


We did receive one other submission featuring Kris Joseph, courtesy of Oar-inj. We decided not to run it, but have placed it in the OSC Photobucket. Have salt, spit, wood and a picture of Jim Boeheim ready to kiss if you choose to check it out.

Feel free to add more submissions in the comments. I will have new source pictures on Monday from the Pittsburgh and Notre Dame game. Thanks to all who submitted!