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Syracuse Recruiting: Zian Jones Fulfills SU's Jones Quota

Syracuse Orange football rule No. 1: Syracuse must have a defensive lineman named Jones at all times.

Arthur and Chandler carried that torch for us but now a new Jones takes over. 6-foot-5, 310-pound West Los Angeles Community College defensive lineman Zian (pronounced 'Zan') Jones.

Jones received a three-star rating from Rivals, helping himself with 45 tackles and four sacks in ten games this past season.

Given his size and JUCO status, look for Jones to compete for playing time right away. What we lack in experience, our defensive line is going to make up for in size (Sloan - 324, Crume - 332, Bromley - 280).

Fun fact: Jones' position coach at WLACC, Owen Brown, is the older brother of former Syracuse lineman Eugene Brown. And according to John Garcia over at Scout, Jones also had offers on the table from New Mexico State and Eastern Michigan and was about visit Fresno State and San Diego State before committing. Jones is also friendly with Mark Garrick, who committed to SU yesterday.

Orange Fizz had been hoping SU could land Jones for some time now.