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Syracuse Orange Still No. 1 According To AP Poll, Coaches Poll, Your Mom

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The Syracuse Orange remain your No. 1 team in all the land for the fourth-consecutive week. If teams like Ohio State and Louisville are supposed to be better than us, then maybe they should, you know, win more.

The Orange top the AP Poll with 60 first-place votes. No. 2 is Kentucky (the other five first-place votes) followed by North Carolina, Baylor and Duke with Ohio State lurking in sixth.

Syracuse is also atop the Coaches Poll with 30 first-place votes. The other lone first-place vote went to Kentucky, who are followed by Duke, North Carolina and Baylor. Ohio State falls to No. 7. The Big East checks in at No. 8 with UConn, followed by No. 9 Georgetown, No. 10 Louisville and No. 20 Marquette. Pitt dropped out of the rankings after yet another loss.

Syracuse is No. 1 in the Sagarin Ratings, ahead of Kentucky, Ohio State, Indiana and Duke. As noted, the Orange are 4-0 against Top 50 teams, which is the same amount of Top 50 teams Duke and OSU have played, only with a better record. Just an FYI for those who are going to say Syracuse "hasn't played anyone." Only Baylor has more Top 50 wins right now.

Syracuse continues to top the Real Time RPI chart with an SOS that has skyrocketed to No. 3 overall. Duke lurks at No. 2 followed by UConn, Seton Hall and Baylor.

Syracuse is No. 1 in the Massey Ratings with a rating of 2.81969, whatever that means. They're followed by Kentucky, Baylor, Duke and Ohio State.

Syracuse remains No. 1 in the SB Nation Power Rankings as well.