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Virginia's Bowl Game Uniform...A Prototype For Syracuse?

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When the Virginia Cavaliers took the field against the Auburn Tigers over the weekend in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Syracuse Orange fans couldn't help but notice.

Here was a team wearing an orange helmet, orange jersey and blue pants, leaving Syracuse fans to wonder if its a page out of a book we should be reading as well.

We've wondered aloud if the days of the orange jersey were returning and considering Virginia will be on the docket in a few years, it certainly doesn't make sense for them to get all the orange-y fun.

So, what did you think Orange fans? Is this the kind of look SU should be going for? White pants instead? Blue numbers instead of white?

You know how I feel. We're joining a conference where Virginia, Miami, Clemson and Virginia Tech have all been known to wear orange. It seems a little silly that the team actually called the Orange wouldn't feature that color when playing them.