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Syracuse Defeats DePaul: The Photology

The Syracuse Orange defeated the DePaul Blue Demons on Sunday and we've got the photos to prove it.

It's been a while since Boeheim has given some good photo. Here he is on the right leading Syracuse into that yonder future with gusto.

He also led from behind the scenes as well. Or in this case, from behind Scoop Jardine. At this point, Scoop probably just thinks that's the voices in his head.

C.J. Fair got down and dirty in the game. He also got up and pretty.

Speaking of a different way, here's Fabricio de Melo dunking:


Speaking of Fab, here he is presenting himself to the DePaul faithful, one of whom you can see is extremely upset about it:


And leave it to C.J. and Fab to bring the love on Sunday. Here they are comforting DePaul's Moses Moran.

Speaking of Fab, his hair has been a little lackluster recently. I think we can agree that Rakeem Christmas has grabbed the Mohawk-y torch and run with it. #ChristmasHawk.

Michael Carter-Williams has the touch, if you will...


We all know Kris Joseph, who glides through the air with relative ease, is well put-together, but, guys, a little subtlety, please.


Then again, Kris always appreciates that you notice.