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Syracuse Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Here Comes Nick Resavy

The Syracuse Orange beat the DePaul Blue Demons by 19, so you'd think the game would have prime for Club Trillion entries. However, only a few walk-ons got the chance to make their mark.

First, a brief note about the search for Syracuse's Club Trillion Champ. I know that technically the rules allow for someone to qualify for Club Trillion if they play multiple minutes so long as they accumulate no stats. But to me, that defeats the entire purpose.

The whole point of the Club Trillion stat is to honor the holy statement that playing a single minute of garbage time basketball as a walk-on makes. It is the most walk-on thing that a walk-on can do. It personifies the perfection that comes from their plight.

If Rakeem Christmas plays twelve minutes and doesn't accumulate a stat, that's not a Club Trillion performance, that's just a terrible performance. A one-minute Club Trillion performance is not a bad performance per se, it's just a perfect storm of walk-on-edness.

ANYWAY, what happened in the DePaul game (boxscore)?

Matt Tomaszewski did his best Icarus impression, flying too close to the sun. The perfect three-point shooting streak is over (0-for-3) and with that comes no CT points.

Brandon Reese played two minutes and committed a turnover. Alas, no points.

Nick Resavy played one minute and did absolutely nothing with it for the second-straight game. And so, the adjusted standings are below...

4 - Griffin Hoffmann

3 - Matt Lyde-Cajuste

2 - Nick Resavy

1 - Matt Tomaszewski, Alert Nassar, Russ DeRemer

0 - All other players