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Fearless Predictions About Syracuse Athletics In 2012

2012 Syracuse Orange predictions, apropos of nothing and without much merit...

Syracuse will break the Carrier Dome attendance record against UConn.

Syracuse basketball will finish the regular season 27-4, ranked No. 2 in the nation.

Matt Tomaszewski will not make another three-pointer this season.

One-seed Syracuse will represent the East, win both games in Pittsburgh. They will move to Boston where they will win their Sweet 16 game but lose in the Elite 8. Sorry.

Dion Waiters will go pro.

Syracuse lacrosse will finish the regular season 12-2. They will win the Big East semifinals game but lose the Big East finals in a shocker. They will still qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

SU lacrosse will return to the Final Four but lose in the semis.

Syracuse football will finish 5-7 in 2012 but it will be a different kind of 5-7. Doug Marrone will return for a fifth season. He will not be on the hot seat but it will be warm.

Marcus Sales will play for SU in 2012. He will have a respectable but not spectacular season.

Alec Lemon will have a spectacular season.

John Kinder will emerge as the clear favorite to be our quarterback in 2013.

SU women's basketball will miss the NCAA Tournament this season but will be ranked No. 23 in the 2012-2013 preseason rankings.

The federal investigation into Bernie Fine will lead to no charges but it will be made clear that Fine did something wrong.

Mike Hopkins will be offered a BCS conference job. He will turn it down. Jim Boeheim will officially announce that he is coaching for two more years and then turn the program over to Hopkins.

Syracuse will enter the 2012-2013 basketball season ranked No. 11 in the nation with a starting line-up of Brandon Triche, Michael Carter-Williams, Fab Melo, C.J. Fair and Rakeem Christmas.

Someone will call Brent Axe and say Boeheim should abandon the 2-3 zone.