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The Syracuse Gray?

I suppose it was inevitable.

Between the fact that gray has taken over the college basketball uniform world and the De-Bluening of the Carrier Dome court and Syracuse Orange uniforms, it was only a matter of time before we tried out a gray uniform.

Assuming the rumor is true...

Word through the grapevine is that the next college basketball team to go gray will be Syracuse, in a few weeks.

Deep breaths.

As a brief reminder, here's what a University spokesperson said almost one year ago today:

While orange is the school's official color, there's no denying blue has been a prominent accent color. Now, blue will not be as prominent. A spokesperson says the University has been phasing in other complimentary colors. Look at the basketball uniforms, there's no blue, only orange and grey.

We're going to be orange and gray whether we like it or not. And clearly, we don't like it.

The most obvious first-thought is that, you know who wears gray? Georgetown wears gray. You know who hates Georgetown? Syracuse. Ergo, guess who is trained and conditioned to hate gray? Syracuse fans.

We'll see if thing has legs. It's not like Nike or SU is going to stop production on them just because everyone says they don't like it (See: Oregon, Maryland).

I've been wondering if Syracuse was going to truly embrace its orange-ness in future uniforms and keep ditching the blue. As always, be careful what you wish for.