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Happy 100th Birthday, Reggie Schwartzwalder

It's been a long time since Ben Schwartzwalder roamed the sidelines at a Syracuse football game but that doesn't mean his family and our family don't still celebrate together. His wife, Reggie, celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday and took some time to reminisce about the years spent cheering on the Orange(men).

On her husband's success at SU (153-91-3), she said "Ben was a good coach. He won a lot of games. I can’t say he did it all by himself. He put a good staff together. We had a good time. The wives got along and we really enjoyed it."

And on that magical season when everything came together and the Orangemen won the Natonal Title with their Cotton Bowl victory?

"It was pretty exciting", recalled Reggie. "We usually didn’t travel with the team when they went on trips, probably because we didn’t have the money. But for the Cotton Bowl, we all went… the wives and children. It was fun."

Ben passed away in 1993 and is buried in the Onondaga County Veterans Memorial Cemetery as he was a veteran of WWII.

"I often think he’s still here," she says. "He lived to a great age."

Donnie Webb spoke with Reggie and told her that Syracuse retained possession of the Schwartzwalder Trophy this year, beating West Virginia. To which she replied...