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The Boeheimeter - Breakin' Records, Yo


As Syracuse continues to roll through the Big East like a big orange train of destruction, the media's go-to argument that Jim Boeheim's squad has no "go-to-guy" becomes more and more of a laughable notion. Why have one guy who can take over a game, when you can have ten (eleven?).

While none of the teams Syracuse defeated since the last Boeheimeter update are playing very well, any time you can top Villanova and Pittsburgh in a week, you can't complain. This was the first win over Pitt that I've had as an SU student, and let me tell you, I was ready to take that win any way possible.

Despite being in the Big East cellar this year, Jamie Dixon hasn't forgotten how to coach. Few in the country are better against Jim Boeheim and the zone. In the second half Pitt's offense played about as well as an offense can against the Syracuse defense, moving the ball through the high post with incredible effectiveness. Pitt's having a bad year, but it's still Pitt, and to beat a team that played as well as the Panthers did is always impressive.

Let's crunch the numbers for the Villanova, Providence and Pittsburgh games, and see what the Boeheimeter has to say...

PG Scoop Jardine - 10 PPG, 52.4 FG%, 4-9 3PT, 6 A/TO, 1.33 RPG, 4 Stl, 1 Blk

Last Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium This Week: Happy_medium_medium_medium

I sat in the 300s for the first time ever for the Pitt game (I had just gotten back to SU from Connecticut, so I was running late). The fact that some fans are still so hung up on Scoop is really ridiculous. There was one stretch where Scoop made three bad plays in quick succession- an ill-advised shot, a bad pass, and a really bad reach-in foul. The rest of the game, scoop had ten assists and one other turnover, and rarely took a bad shot, yet people act like he's still making the reckless plays he did last year. Even in Scoop's "bad" games this year, he's making heady plays and deferring to teammates. It may be just about time to retire "bad Scoop", because that guy doesn't show up around these parts any more.

SG Brandon Triche - 6.67 PPG, 41.2 FG%, 0-6 3PT, 3.5 A/TO, 2.67 RPG, 2 Stl

Last Week: Happy_medium_medium_medium This Week: Grumpy_medium_medium_medium

Triche has definitely cooled over the last week, especially from deep. While he had a bit of a rebound game against Pitt (12 Pts, 3 Ast, 0 TO), we need him to break out of this shooting slump. On the bright side, he's protecting the ball very well, and it was nice to see him in the end of the game against the Panthers for free throw purposes. I really liked the three guard lineup down the stretch- it should be effective in breaking the press as well as shooting from the stripe.

SF Kris Joseph - 11 PPG, 36.7 FG%, 2-14 3PT, 2 A/TO, 2.67 RPG, 4 Stl, 2 Blk

Last Week: Happy_medium_medium_medium This Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium

I fear that Kris is relying to heavily on his perimeter game. While I love that his jumper has improved so much during his time at SU, he's hanging out beyond the arc almost exclusively on offense, and when he goes cold, his stats reflect it. 2-14 from deep is just a bad, bad week. His rebounding has also been quite disappointing for a forward.

PF Rakeem Christmas - 4.33 PPG, 71.4 FG%, 1 TO, 3 RPG, 2 Blk

Last Week: Grumpy_medium_medium_medium This Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium

Until the Pitt game, where Christmas was pretty quiet in seven minutes, Rak was putting together a nice week. Against Providence he scored eight points, grabbed five board and blocked two shots in 16 minutes of work.

C Fab Melo - 6.33 PPG, 57.1 FG%, .18 A/TO, 6.67 RPG, 1 Stl, 11 Blk

Last Week: Happy_medium_medium_medium This Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium

Fab really struggled with the refs this week, especially in the Villanova game. They just aren't letting the big guy play. His point were down, but his rebounding has been improving a bit. If not for Fab's 10 boards against Pitt, that rebounding differential would have been even worse. He's still blocking a ton of shots as well. One thing Fab needs to improve is securing the ball. He's turning it over entirely too often.

G Dion Waiters - 16 PPG, 55.9 FG%, 5-11 3PT, 1.25 A/TO, 3 RPG, 9 Stl, 1 Blk

Last Week: Champion_medium_mediumThis Week: Champion_medium_medium

Dion's PPG scaled up to 40 minutes this week was a shade under 27. That's really all you need to know.

F C.J. Fair - 8.3 PPG, 34.8 FG%, 0-2 3PT, 6 A/TO, 5.33 RPG, 4 Stl, 5 Blk

Last Week: Happy_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium This Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium

His numbers are a bit down from last week, especially his shooting percentage, but C.J. continues to be the glue guy on this team. If I had a longer attention span, I'd find a new face to use just for that dunk he had.

F James Southerland - 5.67 PPG, 30.4 FG%, 2-11 3PT, 1 TO, 3 RPG, 3 Blk

Last Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium This Week: Meh_medium_medium_medium

Southerland had a huge game against Nova, scoring 13 points, grabbing four boards and blocking two shots in 19 minutes. However, he's been ice cold since then. I can see James having a big game against Notre Dame this weekend, however. He's a streaky player, but when he's hot there are few teams that can even think about beating the Orange.

C Baye Keita - 2 PPG, 66.7 FG%, 2 TO, 4 RPG, 4 Blk

Last Week: Grumpy_medium_medium_medium This Week: Grumpy_medium_medium_medium

Baye had a slightly better week, at least in the rebounding department which is probably the most important thing he gives us when he's in the game. However, he's still been disappointing this year. His game against Villanova was solid (2 points, 7 boards, 2 blocks), but he didn't really build on that performance with good games against Providence or Pitt.

G Mookie Jones- 10 Points, 3 Rebounds in 8 mins against Providence

Last Week: N/A This Week: Internet_troll_medium

Why doesn't Boeheim play Mookie more?