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Duh Aficionado Magazine: Syracuse, Pitt Will Not Play Football In ACC In 2012

All due respect to Videogum, purveyors of Duh Aficionado Magazine, I decided to release my own issue when "news" broke today that it's very likely the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers will not play football in the ACC in 2012.

The league plans to announce its entire schedule in early February and although some modifications could be made later, it would be difficult to extensively revise if the Big East released the two new ACC members without notice.

"You never say never, but it’s unlikely there would be major changes once it’s set," said Mike Finn, the ACC associate commissioner in charge of football communications.

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Between West Virginia's lawsuit, John "The Bylaws Are The Bylaws Are The Bylaws" Marinatto and the fact that Syracuse has basically said they will honor the 27-month waiting period, I'm not quite sure why this is news for anyone.

The real question is whether or not anything happens between now and 2014 to get the Orange and Panthers into the ACC a year early in 2013.

All eyes remain focused on the West Virginia lawsuit, whose result should dictate how things move forward.

Syracuse's season begins September 1st when they host the Northwestern Wildcats before heading to MetLife Stadium to take on the USC Trojans. After a few more OOC games, expect to see the usual names and faces lining up against us. At least for another year.

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