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Dome Dude, Nightmare Cuse Clown Usher In New Era Of Carrier Dome Characters

Not a month goes by where someone doesn't ask me what ever happened to the Dome Ranger ( A: He's still around from time to time).

And of course many fans also remember Dome Eddie, a "gnat-like figure in Orange sweats with Elton John glasses and an incandescent wig."

Who could forget the Syracuse clown? I mean, you literally cannot forget it once you see it. It's seared onto your eyeballs.

I even remember Darth Orange, a guy dressed up like Darth Vader but painted orange, who would walk around the Dome during a game.

It seems like the 80's and 90's were a treasure trove of unofficial Syracuse Orange mascots roaming the Carrier Dome crowd. And then, at some point, most of them went away.

The Dome Ranger breaks out his knee brace and trots around the Dome every so often, but it's a new breed of unofficial mascots that are starting to turn the Carrier Dome back into a zany zoo as it attempts to make the push The Loud House to The Loudest House.

Of course, Orange Man deserves kudos as he's been putting in the time for a while now.

And this is what he'll look like in 15 years.

Mark Conti, a.k.a. Dome Dude/Santa Cuse, travels to every home game from Rochester to give the Carrier Dome crowd "a little boost."

And of course, there is this gentleman who decided to take the old Syracuse Clown motif and make it 5,000,000% more Nightmare Fuel-y (via Rob. S).