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C.J. Fair's Dunk: A Retrospective

In case you live under a rock, don't care about Syracuse Orange basketball or care just enough to look only at the boxscore before deciding that SU doesn't have what it takes, here's C.J. Fair's ESPN Top Plays-making, groin-shaking dunk from the win over the Pittsburgh Panthers (via Cuse Country).

Now, you and I felt the effects of that dunk but what might it have been like to feel that dunk right next to you? According to Baye Moussa Keita's face, it was extremely loud and incredibly close. (via Kevin Colton/FingerLakes1)


And the effects of the dunk rippled so quickly through the world that C.J. has already earned his first magazine cover because of it:


C.J. dunked it but in a way you could say that Scoop Jardine got the assist.

"I remember I circled around from the high post. I took one dribble and I just rose on the guy," Fair said. "It was a good play because throughout the whole season Scoop has been giving me a hard time, saying I lost my leaping abilities. So this is a good play to show him I still got it."