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Syracuse Orange Remain No. 1 For Sixth-Straight Week

Move over, 1989-1990 Syracuse Orange. You've got company at the top.

This Syracuse team tied that one for the longest consecutive weeks atop the polls by remaining No. 1 in the AP and Coaches Polls for the sixth-straight week.

In the AP, Syracuse collected its requisite 60-out-of-65 votes. Kentucky received four and one person switched their vote from Kentucky to Baylor. Duke and Missouri round out the top five.

The biggest news of the day? Ron Morris did not rank Syracuse fourth! Of course, he didn't make them No. 1 yet (Kentucky) but he's got the Orange all the way up at No. 2. Will wonders never cease?

Meanwhile, Jason Franchuk of the Daily Provo Herald has dropped the Orange to No. 3. He's also the one who has pushed Baylor to No. 1.

In the Coaches Poll, the lone coach who voted for Kentucky has finally changed his tune as the Orange picked up all 31 first-place votes. So either Boeheim thought he might as well come around or this rogue coach had seen enough. Kentucky, Duke, Baylor and Missou finish the top five.

Big East entrants include Georgetown (10/12), UConn (13/11), Marquette (21/22) and Louisville (23/21).

Syracuse remains No. 1 in the Sagarin Rankings, ahead of Ohio State, Baylor and Kentucky. They're also No. 1 in the Colley Matrix and the Massey Ratings.

The Orange are also No. 1 in the RPI with an SOS of 3rd ahead of Duke, Baylor, UConn and Seton Hall.