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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week In Twitter: Syracuse

TWITS is back after another week of tweeting so lets get to it.

Best New Twitter of the Week:

Christmas came late for 'cuse fans because on Jan 8th, Santa brought all of us a late Christmas present, that being Fab Melo's new twitter account. You can follow him @melo_elo51. It looks like he's giving Dion a run for most unnecessary retweets but has also been leaving us with original gems like this one:

Thanks everybody for the love. I will keep yall entertain with some Brazilian swag on the court.
Jan 09 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply

Hopefully he'll keep his "Brazilian Swag" coming while continuing to tweet in English so we all don't have to learn Portuguese:

Sorry 2 all my Americans fellows but when my twitter hit Brazil I will hav 2 start writing in portuguese. At least yll can learn a few words
Jan 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply

Call-out Tweet of the Week:

Lol this dude @MattyT34 said he's been wearing the same draws for 3 days lmao
Jan 09 via TweetlogixFavoriteRetweetReply

Hey Taco Tomaszewski ... class doesn't start till Tuesday, you should have time to do your laundry.

Alumni Tweet of the Week: - Out here bored in Pensacola.... #MTVCribs with @BOOMHERRON1 lol
Jan 16 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

Apparently the post-cuse life isn't too bad for Chan Jones, but it may be a little boring. The soon to be NFLer gives us a tour of his new pad on what he calls "Pensacola Cribs". The best part of the video is Ohio State's Boom Herron's non interest in being part of the video (side-note: Saw a couple of Herron's tattoos in the video, wonder how much he paid for them?)

Dion Waiters Fab Melo Retweet of the Week:

@Melo_elo51 my wife just got a Brazilian waxing now we call it the Melo!! Lol rt
Jan 09 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

When I originated this category I didn't think there would be any reason I would have to rename it. One week and 100+ tweets and counting and Fab Melo has proven me wrong. Let me be clear, comparing your wife's pubic hair to the haircut of a 'cuse player will ALWAYS win you this category, end of discussion.

That does it for this week's version of TWITS. I leave you with the words of Jim Boehiem "I don't know what a [Twitter] is ... I don't even have a computer" (Thank God)