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You Never Know Where You'll Find Kueth Duany's Stuff

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Former Syracuse Orange basketball player Kueth Duany is currently the managing director of Duany Group, an investment company that is heavily invested in various Sundanese businesses and infrastructure.

The Duany Group might also want to start diversifying a little, perhaps in the infrastructure of North Bergan, NJ storage bins. Especially ones that include tons of Kueth Duany gear.

Steven Monetti is a "professional" storage locker purchaser and he recently purchased the rights to an unclaimed unit that seems to have belongs to Duany's sister.

"What caught my eye, it looked like a collector basketball in this 8 x 10 unit," says Monetti. There was more than just that Syracuse vs. Kansas commemorative basketball from the 'Cuse's 2003 NCAA title year among the stash.

Monetti has Duany's No. 13 Orange game jerseys, when he played alongside current Knick
Carmelo Anthony, Duany's Big East Sportsman of the Year plaque, sneakers, commemorative basketballs and photographs of Duany with former New York governor George Pataki, to name a few of the items. The Sudan-born Duany is a U.S. citizen, but according to his Twitter account, he currently is back in his homeland.

Duany is currently in the Sudan trying to rebuild his country through good deeds, being self-less and helping a newfound democracy built on community.

Monetti, meanwhile, is being as American as possible.

"I want to get at least what I paid for the (storage) room, which is $4,800.00," says Monetti. "But (Duany's wife) said she could help me meet celebrities, or go to some games."

God bless America.

H/T: Jonathan & Joe