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Syracuse 78 - Providence 55: Quotes, Videos & Whatnot

Maybe Ron Morris remains unsold on the No. 1 Syracuse Orange but Providence coach Ed Cooley is a true believer:

"Let’s face it: That is clearly the best team in America. I don’t think there’s a close second," Cooley said. "Clearly the best team in America. I’m proud of them. Seriously. From a coaching standpoint and how they play – they play with a purpose. They’re terrific."

As you might have heard, Syracuse is now 19-0, which I guess is some kind of accomplishment. Don't tell that to the players, though. Haven't you ever heard of Humble & Hungry?

"It’s a great accomplishment,’’ SU sophomore Dion Waiters said, "but we don’t want to stop here. We want to get more wins and stretch it as far as we can and just keep getting better.’’

Fab Melo knows that any situation is never good enough for Jim Boeheim. When asked if anyone was upset about not playing a lot of minutes...

"Oh, no," Melo said. "We don’t care at all. We want the team to be happy. We play everybody about 20 minutes. That’s how we want to play. I don’t see any reason why anybody should be upset. I really don’t. Maybe . . . Coach. He’s always upset about something. But we’re a happy team."

Scoop Jardine narrowly missed a double-double with ten points and nine assists (and no turnovers). If not for a pesky backboard, he might have gotten it. However he missed two free throws and he's only shooting 51.5% from the line this season. What's the deal, Scoop?

"I’ll make ‘em when I need to," he said. "I can say that."

Michael Carter-Williams is the Brett Favre of Syracuse basketball. He's just like a kid out there, gunslingin' it.

"The fans are amazing. To see everyone coming to the Dome, 20-to-30,000 fans is just crazy. I know how lucky I am to be here and play in such a historical place where so many great players have played on this floor, so I really enjoy it."

Kris Joseph talks about the most important issue from Saturday...what kind of sneakers was he wearing?

"If you play good, you look good. Vice versa, too." - Dion Waiters

Boeheim picked the Patriots. Patriots won. Coincidence?

Cuse Country details Scoop's six-consecutive assists...