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Bernie Fine Accusations: Fourth Accuser Made It All Up

I know I sound like a broken record every time I say this but I swear to God it bears repeating every time something like this happens.

The more we learn about the Bernie Fine accusations, the less we actually understand the murkier it gets.

As more than one person intimated to me when the news broke, Bernie Fine's fourth accuser, Floyd VanHooser, lied about everything.

State prison inmate Floyd "David" VanHooser said he lied to police and news reporters to get back at the coach who helped raise him because Fine did not hire a lawyer for him to fight his most recent criminal conviction.

"In a statement I gave I told a lot of lies about Bernie Fine. None of what I said was true," VanHooser wrote. "Bernie has been nothing but good to me over the years. He was the only thing I had close to a father. He never did any thing wrong he is a good man."

“They suggested things and I went along with it,” VanHooser said.

For those scoring at home, we now have one accuser proven to be a liar, one accuser in jail and whose story doesn't hold water and two accusers suing someone other than Bernie Fine.

In his original story, VanHooser told authorities about three specific incidents in 1998, 2001 and this past summer when he allegedly performed a sex act on Fine in his office in exchange for money.

VanHooser's accusations may have been part of the basis for one of the search warrants issued, specifically the one to search Fine's office.

VanHooser is currently serving 16 years in state prison as a "persistent violent felony offender" for a burglary spree earlier this year. He has 12 felony convictions, seven of which are considered violent felony convictions, on his record.

Fine, who has quite literally disappeared off the face of the Earth, has denied all wrongdoing through his lawyer.