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Syracuse Lacrosse: Inexperience Schminexperience

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It was Syracuse Orange lacrosse media day Thursday and there's two questions we needed answered.

1. How good is this team?

2. How is Kevin Drew's chest and how'd he get here?

Let's answer the first question. Can a team ranked so low compete for a National Title? The question should actually be, "who's got the balls big enough to rank Syracuse so low?"

"We see those rankings, we're not happy about them, but this is like the 2008 year," Eilers said. "They came in preseason ranked No. 11 and ended up winning a national championship, so they can rank us whatever they want but all we have to do is climb that hill and we will be successful."

"All the rankings are about is what we've lost," Megill said. "What we've done last year, what's coming back this year, so those rankings are a little skewed but a lot of teams are going to be surprised when it comes spring time."

So hey, Kevin Drew, how's you get here?

"Kevin's done quite a bit," Desko said. "He wasn't in school last semester, lost everything academically, financially, he's not a full scholarship guy. He's done quite a bit, and he's going to continue to deal with the consequences. He's got things he has to do here for the team, and for the university."

"I'm just thankful no one got hurt, and I definitely learned a lot," Drew said. "It was an eye-opening experience and I definitely learned so much when I was at home. Now, just moving forward and never forgetting about it, just moving past it and moving on and just getting out there and playing a little bit in practice."

Valid point. Let's move forward, all. Except for midfielder Jake Bratek, who is not currently with the Orange.

"Right now, Jake Bratek is not with us," Desko said. "We're under the assumption he's probably going to move on here with us. We wish him all the best if that's the case. I haven't had any conversation with Jake yet."

Bratek played in six games as a freshman but failed to score a point.

The season begins Sunday, Feb 19th against Albany. Start breaking in your netting now.