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Syracuse Evening Links - Vitale Hearts Orange

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Syracuse Orange looking like national championship team - ESPN
Jim Boeheim's team is sitting at 18-0. The Orange has not been tested very often and that is impressive when looking at the resume. The team blew out a Top 25 team, Seton Hall, by 26. There are other victories over ranked teams like Florida and Marquette. Then add wins over respectable programs like Stanford, Virginia Tech, NC State and Marshall. It has been a nice run for the school from upstate New York.'s 2011-12 Midseason Crystal Ball - NCAA Basketball -
Luke Winn and Andy Glockner think SU will go Final Four, Seth Davis not too sure.

Nation's top sixth men thrive coming off bench -- men's college basketball - ESPN
When the lineups are announced before each game, Syracuse guard Dion Waiters never hears his name. He admits it used to "mess with me a little." "I was one of the top 15 players in the country coming out of high school," said Waiters, a sophomore. "I expected to start as soon as I got here."

Big East Basketball Notebook: Boeheim Impresses Wright -
"I think Jim is the Mick Jagger of college basketball," Wright said on the Big East coaches' media conference call Thursday. "I think he just gets cooler as he gets older. I think his style fits the game today."

Mark Titus' Top 12: On Syracuse, North Carolina, Baylor, and the rest of the week in college basketball - Grantland
For better and worse, Syracuse's performance against Marquette on Saturday was exactly what I've come to expect from the Orange — they outplayed Marquette for the entire first half and proved they were the better team, but then they got comfortable, stopped playing the way that allowed them to build a big lead, and let Marquette back into the game. When the Orange play as if the game is tied, they are all but unstoppable.

Top Ten Thursday: Must-See Players - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Dion Waiters (Syracuse): I don’t know the young man who’s averaging 12.9 ppg for No. 1 Syracuse. But when I watch Waiters play, I always assume that one of his missions is to embarrass naïve defenders on fast breaks. It always happens so fast. Syracuse forces the turnover, Waiters runs up the floor and because he’s 6-4 and athletic, you anticipate a nice dunk in transition. … And then he finishes with some flush that would have earned a 9.0 in the 2000 NBA dunk contest. But he’s doing this during an actual game. Guys who complete dunk-contest-level slams in games are worth the price of admission.

The Top 100 Games Of The 2011 College Football Season, 100 Through 71 -
99. Syracuse 36, Wake Forest 29 (Sept. 1). One of the season's first games finishes with a 15-point rally. 85. Syracuse 33, Toledo 30 (Sept. 24). It's not every day that you win a game because you missed a kick the refs said you made.

The 20 Greatest Sneakers in Syracuse Basketball History | Complex
Today we take a look at Syracuse's history with their Nike and Jordan alliance — yeah, they've been bangin' under the boards in some classics. Click on the gallery to check out The Greatest 20 Sneakers in Syracuse Basketball History.

Three Idiots on Sports: Ebay Item of the Week: Somewhere Matt Gorman is Pantsless
We've been down this road before with Matt Gorman. However, when you get a chance to own a pair of his game worn shorts from the 2003 title season, you just can't pass that up.

This guy would like young Villanova to take this.