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Syracuse Defeats Villanova: The Photology

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Villanova Wildcats 79-66 on Wednesday. Here are the photos to prove it.

Look, I know Brandon Triche isn't the most photogenic fella out there (despite his Facebook efforts). But you can't tell me this photo over here to the right was the best available option. Not that this one works much better. Or this one.

Did you know Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters are from Philadelphia? This is how Mookie Jones found out:


Michael Carter-Williams loved it! And this is how Villanova found out. Oh and like this...


However there's more to Syracuse than the Philly Cousins. They're also this ragtag duo who hit the streets the fight crime the only way they know how. A hard-boiled Canadian detective who's three months from retirement and a Brazilian nut who's so crazy this just might work, together they become...FABUKRIS. This fall on NBC.


At one point, Boeheim and his throwback suit got so bored he decided to use this time together to collect Girl Scout Cookie orders. "I've got Scoop down for three boxes of Thin Mints and Brandon, your usual order of Do-Si-Dos?"


BREAKING: ESPN figured something out tonight (via John C.)


Part of that depth was Baye Moussa Keita, who took his boot to things and tried to support everyone on the court during the game. Including Villanova's players:


Who's a winner? DION'S A WINNER!




Call me crazy but is this old guy wearing one of Scoop's old stripey shirts? What a homecoming!

Good win, Syracuse. We salute you. Even you, Nick Resavy. You guys are quite literally number one.

And Jim're a weirdo who is terrible at his job.


H/T: CusePulpDesoto