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Syracuse Basketball: The Hottest Ticket In Multiple Towns

For those who complain about Syracuse Orange football attendance, it's a really simple solution.

Just go undefeated and become the No. 1 team in the nation for a long period of time. People will come.

See, dummies? Simple.

Just look at Syracuse basketball. The No. 1 team in all the land has already played in front of the largest crowd anywhere this season (25,412 against Marquette) and they're guaranteed to dwarf that number shortly.

Syracuse has already sold 28,500 tickets to the Feb. 11 game against Connecticut, according to SU director of athletic communications Pete Moore.

The regular season finale against Louisville on March 3 has reached 25,500 in sales. The same number of tickets has been sold to SU’s Jan. 28 game against West Virginia. All three of those games are on Saturdays.

And that doesn't include Georgetown (24K tickets sold) and Senior Day against Louisville.

How many schools can tell recruits that a home game in front of 24,459 people (Florida) probably won't even be in the top five most-attended games of the year?

And it's not just home games, mind you. Our January 23rd road game against Cincinnati is sold out already.

Oh and the last time Syracuse flirted with so many 30K-attendance games? The 2002-2003 season. Just sayin'.