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Syracuse Lacrosse: Kevin Drew Reinstated, Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

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Back in October, Syracuse Orange lacrosse player Kevin Drew allegedly got drunk, hopped in his roommates car, which just so happened to be John Desko's, crashed the car, took off, got caught speeding, resisted arrest and was found to be without a drivers license. He also took "one front kick strike to [his] chest area" from a police officer.

He was then suspended from the team and the school, as you might imagine.

Somehow, someway, Drew has been reinstated at SU and will be on the practice field Thursday when the Orange officially opens preseason camp (via Rahme).

“Kevin has been out of school and has now been reinstated,” coach John Desko said this afternoon. “He has been punished and will continue to fulfill his consequences. It’s great to have him back so he can continue his education and play lacrosse.”

Off-field issues aside, Drew is a much-needed cog in the SU lacrosse machine. He's got a ton of experience (45 games) and a major part of SU's smothering recent defensive unit. He has 13 goals to boot.

In the bummer news department, highly regarded midfielder James Cathers is not with the team yet...if he ever does join the squad. Doesn't sound like he's handling his business too well either.

“To my knowledge he is not here,” Desko said. “He has yet to come see me and talk to me, so I don’t know what his plan is for the future.”

Lacrosse season begins soon