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Syracuse Football: Tyree Smallwood No Longer Committed

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According to multiple reports, including this one from ESPN, Syracuse Orange football commit Tyree Smallwood is now former SU football commit Tyree Smallwood.

For Smallwood, it's been a long, strange trip. He originally committed way back in June 2010. However, the ATH player wasn't able to join the Orange last season and instead made his way to Milford Academy along with Ashton Broyld, where he put up some nice stats.

Now comes news that Smallwood has decommitted.The news was a bit out-of-nowhere to his high school coach, Cornwall's Marcus Hughes.

"I know he isn't going to Syracuse," Hughes said. "Tyree clearly isn't talking to anyone about it, I don't know why he isn't going. But I wish him the best and hope he finds a good fit, wherever he ends up playing."

And while that might make it sound like he's on to greener pastures (he told Hughes that East Carolina and Florida A&M are interested), something tells me a recent shoplifting incident might have derailed things...

Tyree Smallwood, 19, of New Windsor, was arrested 6 p.m. Tuesday after staff at the Old Navy store complained that he tried to leave the store without paying for $120 worth clothing. Police said Tyree is accused of taking several pieces of clothing from a display and putting them into a shopping bag from another store.

Smallwood joins Darius Parson on the list of players no longer committed to the Orange. Parson had been told there was not room for him in the class any longer. He also had yet to qualify academically.