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Pour Out Some Maple Syrup: Leo Rautins Resigns As Canadian Coach

The Leo Rautins Era is over for Team Canada.

The head coach of the Canadian basketball squad since 2005 has resigned after the team went 3-5 in the FIBA Olympic Americas tournament and failed to reach a second-chance qualifying tournament next summer before the London Olympics.

Andy Rautins, who is possibly-related to Leo Rautins in some way that has never been explained, least not by any play-by-play announcer during a Syracuse Orange basketball game, did his best during the tournament. He scored 14 in the team's final game, a loss to Panama. He also scored in double-figures multiple times throughout the tourney.

Over at RaptorsHQ, they're not shocked by Leo's resignation, though they appreciate his accomplishments:

This should be no surprise to anyone who has followed the team over the last few years. The public had wanted him out for a little while after a poor showing at last summer's World Championships. Leo had done a remarkable job with the parts that he had. He was definitely not the most popular of the people but he was smart enough to surround himself with the parts to help him, and Canada, succeed. Of course there was the issue of lack of quality young players on the team and rumours of some of them not wanting to play for Leo. Whatever. Bottom line is that he did the best he could in the circumstances he was given and we can't fault him for that.

Fare thee well, Leo.