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Syracuse Football OC Nate Hackett Talks Offense & The Art Of Making Noise

We know about Nate Hackett, Syracuse Orange offensive coordinator and son of longtime football coach Paul Hackett.

But do we know HIM? Peel away the playcalls and do we really understand the mind inside the man?

CitrusTV's Josh Wetmore sat down with Hackett before the season started to talk about his new coaching roles, his relationship with quarterback Ryan Nassib, and how the Syracuse offense will operate in the 2011 season.

Settle in, it's a three-parter.

Interesting to hear about how he manages the relationship between the quarterbacks and the tight ends, which makes me think Nick Provo is due for a huge year even more-so than before.

  • "Take our game against K-State, it was so awesome." AGREED!
  • "As many wide receivers as you can utilize, the better." In case you were wondering if you were gonna see Jarrod West, Jeremiah Kobena, Adrian Flemming et al.
  • "If you're quiet, I'm gonna go after you." If you run into Nate Hackett on campus, MAKE NOISE.
  • "THAT'S MY GUY!" - Hackett on Nick Provo. Fantastic.
  • "A lot higher than 97th, I promise you that." - On where the Orange offense will end up ranked nationally.

Prognosis: Nate Hackett seems like a cool guy. He can stay.