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Photoshop Contest: Syracuse's Eventual New York State Flag-Themed Uniform

Your canvas. Use it. via <a href=""></a>
Your canvas. Use it. via

I don't think we need to discuss the Maryland Terrapins state flag-themed uniform, do we? We've all established its the worst thing ever seen and that, for Under Armour and the University of Maryland, that was the point. Congrats, you guys. You did it.

The uniform raises some interesting quandaries. Is this the future of college football uniforms? Will everyone eventually try to Oregon-ize themselves to the point where Oregon will one-day release the most boring uniforms ever made, thereby standing out and starting the cycle anew?

Closer to home, you have to wonder if one day soon the Syracuse Orange will unleash some kind of awful uniform on the world. Nike is our uniform provider, we've already allowed them to cover our basketball uniforms in duct tape and DOC Gross is the kind of AD that likes some's only a matter of time, right? Throw in the fact that we are NEW YORK'S COLLEGE TEAM and a state flag-based uniform is a foregone conclusion.

So I'm asking you, Photoshopper, what will it look like when Syracuse unveils their New York State Flag-themed uniforms? The guys over Black Hearts Gold Pants have already taken a look at the Iowa version and it is a thing of beauty.

Create your new and improved SU uniform and leave it in the comments below. We'll choose our favorite and then Syracuse will be required by law to use it next season. Assuming they haven't already got one in the works...