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Wash Down Syracuse's Next Victory With A Tall, Cool Ongenaet

Ongenaet must be served in a Darwin's pint glass. No exceptions.
Ongenaet must be served in a Darwin's pint glass. No exceptions.

Who likes beer? You probably do. Even if you don't, you know someone else who does. And you're a Syracuse fan (assumed). So are the people you commiserate with (assumed).

So why not make sure that the next time you settle down to watch the Syracuse Orange win an athletic event, you've got a tall, cool glass of Ongenaet Belgian Wit.


Ongenaet brew is the creation of TNIAAM local I Miss DIAP!, who describes the work-in-progress flavors thusly:

The first sip of my beer is surprisingly delightful… nice aroma, good color, smooth taste, strong citrus notes from the fresh lemon rhine I added, and if that’s all you remember (like Ongenaet’s tumble) you’d probably say, “that’s a pretty damn good beer.” But I’ve had a proper Belgian Wit and even if I hadn’t I could look at the numbers (my original gravity was way off) and tell you that one sip (or play) does not a beer (or player) make. How does it hold up over time and scrutiny? Well, my beer, perhaps a fan favorite with chicks who like light, fruity beers, isn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. And that’s frustrating. So was Kristof. He had all the ingredients to be a heck of a player, but he just didn’t put them together quite right, and so while you may remember the flip, I remember all the head-scratching awful plays.

Perhaps we'll all get a chance to taste Kristof! for ourselves soon.