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Syracuse vs. Rhode Island: Chandler Jones 'Out Until Further Notice'

You were hoping that this morning's news that DE Chandler Jones' injury would be minor. Your hoping didn't do jack squat, so thanks for nothing. Chandler, Ri'Shard Anderson and Olando Fisher are "out until further notice."

Syracuse junior cornerback Ri’Shard Anderson, senior safety Olando Fisher and senior defensive end Chandler Jones are out of activity until further notice due to injuries sustained in Syracuse’s 36-29 overtime victory against Wake Forest. Anderson sustained an upper body injury, while Fisher and Jones sustained lower body injuries.

No specifics on the injuries and so we're left to wonder and look to message boards for rumors. "Lower body injuries" runs a whole gamut of places Chan-Chan could be hurt but none of them sound pleasant.

And so, look for Torrey Ball to likely get the start against Rhode Island on Saturday. Ball is behind Chandler on the depth chart and collected four tackles and half a sack against Wake Forest. Brandon Sharpe could see increased time at the end spot as well.