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Doug Marrone Can Afford A Lot Of Dove Bars

The days when Doug Marrone has to rely on someone else to get his Dove Bar fix are over.

We all knew Doug Marrone is making some well-deserved back. But did you know just how much? The D.O. can tell least in terms of two years ago.

In 2009, his first year as head coach of the SU football team, Marrone made a base salary of $1,017,646 en route to leading the Orange to a 4-8 record.

Don't look at it in terms of dollars-per-win. Look at it as an investment in dividends to be paid. And they have.

SU wouldn't disclose the terms of Marrone's contract (obviously) and whether or not he received any bonuses for last year's Pinstripe-y success. Though, if one had to guess, between the rise in the football team's profile, the Pinstripe Bowl and inflation, you gotta figure he's moved a couple hundy-grand past that point.

And yes, don't worry, Jim Boeheim is once again the highest-paid employee at SU, making 1.8M in 2009. He was supplanted by...wait for it...Greg Robinson, who was paid $2,214,505 in 2008 after adding on a $1M buyout to his salary.


And because you're wondering, DOC Gross is pulling in a cool half-mill, and likely more these days given the success of almost all the athletics programs under his watch. No word on whether or not there is a "Reinstate No. 44" bonus in the works, but perhaps we can have a collection for that.

One coach not in the top ten of SU employees who I kinda thought might show up is John Desko. No. 10 on the list is Kenneth Shaw, who is pulling in a cool $350K. Like I said, it's not terribly-surprising that Desko isn't on the top ten, but I hope he's making something close to it, considering the consistent success of the program under his watch.

Check out the full list here so you can find out which SU employee uses your $50 yearly donation to buy lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse.