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Will Syracuse Play ACC Conference Home Games In NYC Or Not? (Answer: They Probably Will)

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So yesterday got a little weird when Syracuse Supreme Chancellor Nancy Cantor alluded to the fact that Syracuse would play home games in NYC, opening the possibility that SU would play high profile opponents like Duke and North Carolina away from the Dome.

DOCTOR Daryl Gross and Jim Boeheim swooped in to let everyone know that ain't happening.

But then DOC Gross clarified once again today, telling Mike Waters that while Syracuse will not play Duke or North Carolina in NYC, they might still play another ACC team in the Garden.

Syracuse could play Wake Forest in Charlotte with a return game at the Garden. Or mix-and-match the opponents by playing Clemson in Atlanta with a "home'' game in Brooklyn against Florida State.

"That's the kind of stuff we're talking about,'' Gross said. "In our future conference, there are lots of possibilities on the table.''

That's fine and, I think, expected. I just wish Gross, Boeheim and Cantor would have pow-wowed beforehand to get their story straight. Because in the span of 24 hours, we ran this gamut:

1. Syracuse will play ACC home games in NYC, probably Duke and North Carolina.

2. Syracuse will NOT play any ACC home games in NYC. "We absolutely would not take conference games to New York City."

3. Syracuse will probably end up playing ACC home games in NYC, just not against Duke or North Carolina.

As long as we keep playing old school rivals like Georgetown, Villanova and UConn in the Dome, I think we can live with losing a home game against Clemson.