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Syracuse Daily Links - Scott Shafer Kindly Requests Your Presence

Syracuse defensive coordinator Scott Shafer: 'We could really use the crowd' against Rutgers |
"...We could really use the crowd in there to help us out a little bit. I hope the fans can come on out and support the Orange because like I said, kickoff, a good Rutgers team coming in, a rivalry type of situation and most importantly the first game of the Big East," Shafer said.

Offensive line a concern for Rutgers Saturday | Courier-Post |
"I think there was improvement," Schiano said after rewarding Bujari, a redshirt freshman, and Johnson, a true freshman, their first starts at right guard and right tackle, respectively. "We’re nowhere near where we need to be, but we're getting better."

Penfield's Connor Russell gives verbal commitment to Syracuse for lacrosse - Brighton, NY - Brighton-Pittsford Post
"I decided Syracuse because I want to study pre-law, and they have a very good pre-law program," Russell said. "And they are the best team in the country and I want a chance to play for a national championship and get the best education possible."

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Picked Second In CHA Preseason Poll
Syracuse ice hockey, last season's runner-up in the College Hockey America Tournament, has been tabbed to finish in a tie for second in this year's CHA Preseason Coaches' Poll.

Orange::44: Toledo - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR XP Calamity
Syracuse played well enough. I mean they did win a game in overtime. But Syracuse made it far to close to a Toledo team from the MAC. Syracuse's defense is not nearly as good as it should be. The secondary is really not good. But Nassib did well enough. Van Chew and Alec Lemon are really good. And Antwon Bailey did his part. But we win again. And I have to say again that a win is a win.

Syracuse University Athletics - Zapruder vs. The Butterfly Effect
Toledo played a good game. They played tough. They were everything Coach Marrone preached about all week. And they had a single point mistakenly taken from them. What they did not do was win by one point.

Syracuse Orange Wednesday Morning QB: Holy Toledo and Rutgers Rivalry | Bleacher Report
Regardless of any extra point controversy, Syracuse is 3-1 and as much as Toledo wants to try to change that, Syracuse is halfway qualified to a bowl game and can start off Big East play with a statement win.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Dick Vitale on NCAA Conference Realignment: "It’s all about greed. It’s really absolutely a joke. We didn’t help the scenario as well."
Let’s face reality we didn’t help the scenario as well. When I talk about the fact that we went out gave Texas all those millions and millions for a TV network. It’s a business decision. I don’t blame our people. You are out there to make money.

This guy was at the 1991 Syracuse-Florida game in the Dome. Don't believe me? Just watch. And next me.