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Syracuse vs. Rutgers: Doug Marrone Wants YOU

As you know, students get in free this Saturday when the Syracuse Orange host the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Doug Marrone is asking kindly that you make your presence known, student or not, especially because of the advantage it gives the Orange:

"It’s a big advantage," Marrone said. "It can be a great asset to us. It feels good when people start talking about that, because that’s what it can be and that’s what it will be. You have 10 Syracuse fans in the Carrier Dome and it sounds like 1,000 fans anywhere else in the country, so we’re excited we’re playing at home.

I don't know, Doug, the women's basketball has actually had 10 Syracuse fans in the Carrier Dome and I don't think they'd agree with you on that.  But...duly noted.

For those worried that Doug Marrone has closed practice because injuries are at Threat Level Midnight, take solace in knowing that the Orange are still running at full speed.

"We talked about it tonight as a coaching staff after practice," Marrone said Tuesday night. "We feel we need the contact work at this point."

So what's the deal with Prince-Tyson Gulley? His name showed up on a media packet distributed earlier this week in which he was listed as injured. Syracuse claimed it to be a mistake and Marrone immediately put practice on lockdown. When pressed directly about Gulley, Marrone deflected:

"I just can't comment on any injuries," Marrone said. "And that's, I've never really, I don't know, I just need everybody's help. That's all I'm asking. I know you guys have a job to do, I truly understand that.

"… I understand exactly what's going on. I don't foresee myself ever really doing this again. Hopefully we will never be in this situation."

And then got a little feisty when some media members pressed him on it.

SOMEthing is up, we're just not sure what.

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