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Syracuse Basketball: Is Kris Joseph Ready For All-American Status?

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We like Kris Joseph. We think he's a talented guy. We think he's got the potential to be a true leader and dependable star this season. If there's ever another NBA Draft, we expect to hear his name called during it.

But is he an All-American? I don't know how you feel about it but The Blue Ribbon Basketball Yearbook thinks KrisJo is finally ready for primetime and has put him on their Preseason All-American Team.

Joseph, a 6-foot-7 senior who led Syracuse in scoring last season, joined North Carolina's Harrison Barnes, Ohio State's Jared Sullinger, Kentucky's Terrence Jones and Wisconsin's Jordan Taylor on the All-American team.

All those pretty pictures Kris is taking are gonna come in handy.

Blue Ribbon also thinks Syracuse is a National Title contender, locking us in at No. 4 in the nation. North Carolina is No. 1, followed by No. 2 Kentucky and No. 3 Ohio State (It's basically DaJuan Coleman's recruiting list...).

That feeling in the pit of your stomach? That's called expectations. Syracuse basketball haz dem. Be afraid, be very afraid.