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Big League Chew: Time To Start The Van Chew Cheer

Van Chew's last name is Chew.

Incidentally, it is fun to say his last name when you draw out the last syllable (Chewwwwwww...).

Van Chew catches a lot of footballs in the Carrier Dome. You like to attend the Carrier Dome (well, some of you) and watch Van Chew catch footballs.

Therefore, you should be chanting "CHEWWWWWWWWWW..." every time Van Chew catches a football. Even he agrees.

Settled? Settled.

And when you're not cheering for Van Chew, you should be voting for him in the Geico Play of the Year contest. Van's crazy catch against USC last week has been nominated.

Van is very excited to win so make sure you vote early and often to ensure that he does.