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Syracuse vs. Rutgers: So Begins 'Rutgers Hate Week'

You know the whole Toledo-extra-point-kerfuffle has gotten out of hand when Rutgers Scarlet Knights head coach Greg Schiano is Syracuse's biggest defender:

They have what appears to be a very poised football team,'' said Schiano, whose Knights (2-1) travel to Syracuse (3-1) on Saturday for a noon kickoff. "They've been in a lot of close games and have found ways to win them.

"As that happens, teams gain more and more confidence. As a head coach, I watch game tapes. I can see them getting better and better and that isn't good for us. They're tough, blue-collar. They remind me of us. They play extremely hard.''

But Greg, didn't you know...Syracuse is terrible because those games were close. Get with the program! Winning the game doesn't matter, it only matters what happens in the first three quarters.

By the way, that's a fantastic reverse-self-compliment, Schiano. "They're a great football team...they're like the Syracuse version of us!" That's just a masterclass right there.

His counterpart, Doug Marrone, is doing his best to put the controversy of the Toledo win behind him and look forward to Rutgers.

Marrone says at a press conference Monday he understands "the feeling, but as far as we're concerned here, we've moved on to the next opponent."

"This game, there's a lot of human error on everybody's part — players, coaches, officials," Marrone said. "But I do know and have confidence that we'll all work extremely hard that those errors are reduced."

Go watch Doug Marrone say things and get ready for Rutgers Hate Week.

Side note...everyone's going to spend this week telling you how Syracuse is the worst 3-1 football team in the history of the world. I'd just like you to remember...they said the same thing about us last year too right before we went out and beat South Florida and West Virginia on the road.

To quote Scott Shafer, "stats are for losers."